Thursday, February 12, 2009

chasing paper

Here we go...let the paperchase begin! For all of you new to this process, paperchasing is gathering all of the documents for your homestudy and dossier. It's tedious and taxing, but I'm up for the challenge. Since I'm a list maker, I love accomplishing tasks and putting that check mark beside them. So when our agency, AWAA, emailed us lots of information that included a Dossier Tracking Sheet, I got all giddy and pumped up with adrenaline. I know...I'm crazy. What's new? You should see my awesome 3 ring binders I've got going on...I'll take a picture when my camera battery charges.

I need to call our Family Coordinator later with some questions because while I thought I would never forget some things in this process, I did.

We've had crazy beautiful weather this week. It makes me happy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. You make me happy.


whipplewords said...

So exciting!! I'm like you...I loved organizing the paperwork and checking things off that list!

The Gillman Family said...

Oh my goodness! I hadn't noticed the "chapter 2" post. Congrats and we will be praying the paper chase is smooth sailing.


Apryl said...

I'm giddy with you about the paperwork, but I'm sending you a big grrrr because it's gray and nasty and wet and all things soggy here. I was unhappy with the snow, but I do believe I'll appreciate it more after this. Send some crazy beautiful weather up our way :)

Still so excited about you starting again!

Rob & Candy said...

You made me smile! I'm so excited you are excited.

Danielle said...

HOW WONDERFUL! I can't believe it's already been 2 years...and you're starting again. Siblings, did I hear you say?!? Oh, Jill. How wonderful (but I already said that.)

K.P. said...

Blaze the trail...again! :)