Thursday, November 20, 2008

conspire with me this Christmas

What is Christmas really about, anyway? I often wonder what an "outsider looking in" would say after he watched a holiday season in the US. I'm going out on a limb here, but I doubt he would recognize it as the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

I don't have time to get preachy right now, but please watch the video. What could you do differently this year? What do you really need for Christmas? Lots of people around the world do have needs. Lots of those needs equal life or death.

Let me know what you think...


Rob & Candy said...

Wow, Rob preached on this two weeks ago! I will show him the video. We are conspiring with you but in a slightly different way.
The majority of our gifts this year are from Heifer international. and check them out, it's an awesome way to care for people all over the world.

Sabrina said...

Excellent, thought-provoking and inspiring video. Thank you for posting it Jill! heart,
PS. i wrote you a very lengthy post/reflection because I liked the content so much but then couldn't remember my blogger password and lost what I'd written- but I wanted to tell you I think it is RIGHT ON so am retrying : )

Kilgo4 said...

Wonderful. ... I love it. I am going to show this to my loves in the morning.. and we are going to think outside the box and into the manger to see what changes we are going to make in our christmas celebration. I will let you know what we do. Thanks for posting it. VERY CHALLENGING!

K.P. said...

Now...I just gotta live it. Yikes. :)

Love ya!

Yarnsmith said...

Whoa... Count me in! CG :)

The Oscarsons said...

That was an awesome video! Makes you really sit back and think.