Sunday, September 23, 2007

Paper Baby on Its Way to ET!

Our dossier, aka "paper baby" it on its way to Ethiopia, via FedEx!!!! Praise the Lord! I'll keep you posted on its journey.

Also, thank you so much for your response to the T-shirt fundraiser! I added a PayPal button to the right where you can pay for them instantly and email us your order. We have to have the money for at least 24 shirts before we can put in our order. Hopefully that will be very soon!

As much as the t-shirts will help us financially, our hope it that as you wear them in your communities, it will bring more awareness to adoption and the need in Ethiopia. Thanks!

That's all for now......ciao!

ETA: I just looked at the FedEx tracker. Paper Baby made it to Frankfurt!! Got there this's sort of back home. It is now in transit. Keep going, baby, you're almost there!

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Lisa J. said...

Congratulations! I found you through Ethiopian Adoption Bloggers... We are also adopting from Ethiopia - a baby boy - yet unknown by us. Our dossier is in Ethiopia and we await the referral.

I will follow your journey on your blog.

Lisa J