Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Federal Bureau of Investigations,

Please send our background check reports to the USCIS at the American Consulate in Frankfurt as soon as possible. We would really like to move on with this adoption......

We took a little trip up to the Consulate today. Found out that our file is all in order, just waiting on the FBI background check to clear us. Apparently they sent off our fingerprints to the FBI and the results never came back. They were going to re-send them through Fed-Ex today. We are praying that all will go smoothly and we can proceed. God's timing and His will are what we want. If he uses the FBI to orchestrate the rest of our story, we are fine with that!

After the Consulate we headed up to Giessen. It was like stepping back into the 1950's when Marshall's dad lived there as a boy. We found it all.....their old stairwell apartment, bowling alley, chapel, movie theater and gymnasium. The post is almost closed now, so it was empty. It really felt like we had stepped back in time.
the old apartment....Ken's bedroom window
the place behind their building where he and his dad threw the baseball
the chapel
in front of the chapel sign

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